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Our Mission

Educate for Life


We are committed to fostering the development of lifelong learners who possess the necessary skills needed to contribute, lead and succeed in our every changing local, national and global communities


We provide a positive, caring and safe atmosphere that encourages:
● Collaboration
     ● Communication
     ● Critical 
     ● Cooperation and collaboration
     ● Inclusion and equality
     ● Excellence and independence

We are committed to meeting the needs of all our students.

Code of Conduct

R - Responsible 
E - Empathetic
S - Safe
P - Prepared
E - Enthusiastic
C - Caring
T - Trusting

Our school family; including students, teachers, parents, visitors and community members; will create a positive learning environment by following the WAS Code of Conduct

Keep Updated

W.A.S is a "Nut Aware" School

Just a friendly reminder…W.A.S. is a Nut Aware School. We have some students and staff members who are allergic to nuts and/or peanuts. We encourage parents not to send these products to school, but if you forget, a room will be provided where students can eat their nut products, wash their hands, and then return to their regular classrooms. Thanks for your assistance in making W.A.S. a safe place for all of us.

Electronic Devices at School

As technology becomes more accessible, there has been an increase in students bringing handheld games, tablets, and/or cell phones to school. The presence of cameras and internet capability on some of these devices raises concerns of privacy, etc. At school we cannot guarantee the safety of these devices so we ask that parents play a role in determining the necessity of having these devices at school. If students bring them to school we ask that they remain discreetly in the student’s backpack or in a safe place determined by the students’ classroom teachers until after school.

There may be opportunities for students to use their own electronic devices in classrooms. If this happens, special arrangements will be made for such use, however, again, the school will not be responsible for loss or damage. No electronics will be allowed on the playground. Thank you for your cooperation


Just a friendly reminder to parents who are dropping off and picking up their children at school. Traffic can be very hectic around the school, and there is often little room to navigate. To ensure the safety of our children we ask that you please refrain from using the parking lots on the East and West sides of the school. We have designated the side streets of Herkimer Street, George Street, King Street as pick up areas. Students should use the crosswalks to access these streets. We thank you in advance for helping to make our school a safer place for all.

School Registration

If you wish to register your child in Walter Aseltine School, Rosetown please complete the online form from the link below. This registration form is for Kindergarten students and students new to Sun West School Division. 

Proof of student’s legal name and date of birth will be required for registration.
The original birth certificate, passport and/or landed immigrant documents will need to be provided at the school prior to student attendance.   

Current Sun West School Division students may not need to complete the full registration and may be able to register directly at the school. 

If you are new to Canada, there will be additional documents required at the school for the registration of a student.  Originals of documents required include: work permit(s), study permit(s), permanent residency documentation from IRCC, or refugee claimant status documentation from IRCC.

If you have question regarding documentation required, please contact the school based-administrator.  During the summer months, you may contact the Sun West School Division Office at 306-882-2677. 

Success for Everyone